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PowerFiTTE is a unique, dynamic process that fits you and your bike together, and determines your ideal riding position. PowerFiTTE brings you and your bike into ideal-for-you biomechanical balance enabling you to get the most out of your body and your bike.


PowerFiTTE clients will now use the GURU Dynamic Fit Unit (DFU) for their fittings. JHPS Mid Atlantic are the only bike fitters in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and DC to use the DFU.  It is the first and only computerized robotic assisted bicycle fitting system in the USA & Canada. With patented drivetrain, motors, actuators and proprietary software; the DFU has revolutionized the fit process by drastically increasing efficiency and by creating an interactive experience for the client.

  • To begin, you will fill out a detailed questionnaire and discuss your riding history, style and goals with a FiTTE System practitioner.
  • Your current position will be transfered to the DFU and will then be analyzed in a dynamic state, including cleat placement, knee movement, hips, back, arm and hand placement.
  • Using video capture software your motion, work output and relative left/right leg strength will be recorded as well as gauge cadence, heart rate, power application and efficiency.
  • Every relevant joint angle is recorded and flexibility of all key muscle groups will be examined.
  • Flexibility in key areas such as hips, hamstrings and quads—the “power zone” – is reviewed.  Several ways to increase your range of motion are demonstrated—the key to power—along with demonstrating some techniques to improve your physical limitations.      
  • Adjustments are made to your to your bike and instructions on modifying your riding position.       
  • In the end, nearly every client instantly notices improved performance, optimized for power, cadence, position and most of all, comfort.

A complete fitting will require 3.5 hours in length. Cost $300.00 plus parts.

All fittings are completed at PARVILLA CYCLE & MULTISPORT by appointment only.



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